Essential Resources for Law Students

Law Students

Imagine having access to a treasure trove of resources that could supercharge your law study experience. Tools that are endorsed by successful lawyers and can make a significant difference in your journey as a budding attorney. Curious? Let’s unveil these invaluable resources.

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The Power of Resources in Law Study

In the realm of law study, the right resources can be game-changers. They provide rich insights, simplify complex legal concepts, and offer strategies for efficient learning. Here’s a curated list of resources that can bolster your legal education.

Law Databases and Online Libraries

Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg Law

These databases are powerhouses of legal information, providing access to case laws, statutes, regulations, and legal journals. They’re vital resources for comprehensive legal research.


Known for its extensive law journal collection, HeinOnline is another great tool for legal research. It also hosts a vast collection of U.S. federal documents, treaties, and constitutions from around the world.

Legal Blogs and Podcasts


Covering the U.S. Supreme Court's activities, SCOTUSblog is a fantastic resource for those interested in constitutional law and landmark decisions.

The Lawfare Blog

This blog covers national security issues, providing in-depth legal and policy analysis.

Legal Talk Network Podcasts

These podcasts offer a wealth of information on various legal topics, helping to supplement your law study with diverse insights from legal professionals.

Law Study Aids


Quimbee offers case briefs, video lessons, practice exams, and outlines, making it an excellent study aid for law students.

The Law Student’s Guide to Doing Well and Being Well

Authored by Shailini Jandial George, this book offers insights into maintaining wellness and productivity during law study.

Bar Exam Preparation

Themis Bar Review

Themis offers online bar review courses with comprehensive study materials, making it a top pick for bar exam preparation.

Legal Writing Resources

The Bluebook

An essential guide to legal citation, The Bluebook is a must-have for any law student engaged in academic writing or legal documentation.

Unlocking Success in Law Study

Harnessing these resources can significantly enhance your legal education journey, paving the way for a successful career as a lawyer or attorney.

Remember, the key to effective law study lies in using these resources wisely and regularly. Are you ready to dive in and explore these resources to the fullest? They are, indeed, a treasure trove waiting to enhance your law study experience.

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